Tile Flooring Designs Barrie, ON

Design inspiration for flooring is about visualizing and selecting the tile flooring that captures the essence of your lifestyle and one that can sustain it.  The planning process begins with understanding the type of tile that works best in the setting and the interchange to other areas.  Next is the design selection in choosing the colors and shapes to either blend in with the existing shades of the home or creating a dynamic contrast.  It’s always a good idea to work with a professional with experience in what works best in the area and how to maintain and extend the life of the floors, when selecting tile flooring for your home and budget.

Tile Types

Besides the beautiful appearance, floor tiles need to be safe for walking on and today’s technologies have made designs more durability adding to the tile’s strength and safety.  Flooring options span between a modern sleek no-nonsense appearance or a traditional polished finish for an elegant look. Both are popular types of tile flooring available in mosaic or individual tiles. 

• Mosaic uses a collection of smaller tiles to create a framed effect, offering design shapes in squares and rectangles with easy maintenance.  The tiles are made of natural resources ranging from marble, slate or granite to create a simple or more elaborate mosaic design. 
• Individual ceramic tiles typically have more characteristic styling with a great deal of versatility when it comes to designs in texture and color ranges.  Design inspiration includes vintage classics to cut stone effects or customized combinations of flooring to fit the theme of the home.

Flooring Locations

Safety is an important factor when selecting tiles for a specific location with a need for slip resistance, water protection and heavy traffic.  Tile flooring is great for areas like the kitchen, entry halls, family room and bathrooms due to its endurance and ability to resist the effects of damage compared to wood materials.  Here’s where the choice between smooth or textured plays a part in the selection factor; a smooth finish allows easy maintenance and textured floors can prevent slipping making it ideal for family areas or bathrooms.

When purchasing your tile, be sure to ask for some extras, since tile and color batches are unique and life happens.  Having a few spares in case of repair or replacement ensures the perfect match extending the life of your tile flooring.