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What is Carpet Fiber?

Irvine-Carpet-One-Barrie-ON-CarpetCarpet is made from strands of material that are wound into yarn that is attached to the carpet backing. This material is referred to as the carpet’s fibers. There are many different materials that are used to create different carpet fibers that have their own set of advantages. These materials are generally categorized as either natural or synthetic fiber.

Natural fibers currently only account for 2% of currently manufactured carpets. There are many types of natural fibers used in carpets including wool, sisal, seagrass, and silk. These fibers offer a natural resiliency and appearance that can complement the design of any room. Natural fibers may also be appealing to environmentally-conscious homeowners that would like a carpet made from renewable materials.

The most popular type of natural fiber is wool, which is renowned for its ability to retain its texture and repel dirt and stains. Wool also naturally attracts moisture, allowing it to act as a sort of dehumidifier when the air is humid and a humidifier when the air is dry.

Synthetic fibers are artificial fibers typically made from petroleum or natural gas. The most commonly used synthetic fibers in carpet are nylon, olefin, and polyester.

The most prevalent type of synthetic fiber used in carpet is nylon, which accounts for 60% of all residential carpet sales. Nylon is noted for its ability to retain its structure after being exposed to substantial traffic and its knack for resisting soiling and staining. Nylon fibers are available in a wide range of colors, meaning a nylon carpet can be used in practically any room’s design!

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